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Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by J.SCALCO

Care to grow your Spotify fanbase? Your music success starts right here; right now! “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist” is tailor-made for Indie artists looking to be heard. Think of it as a community of ambitious talents working collectively to realize their dreams.

Before you can submit music for this playlist you will need to do the following:

1. Follow The Playlist

2. Follow J.Scalco

Submit Music

Please consider if your track is a good fit for this playlist before submitting.  If Steps 1 and 2 have not been completed you will not be considered.

The playlist gets updated monthly and if chosen your track will continually circulate in and out in order to give everyone an opportunity for exposure!

Why Get on Spotify Indie Playlists?

The more accurate question is, why not? As an artist in this modern digital age, you should already know that streaming services such as Spotify are the primary way to share new music and connect with your ideal audience.

Spotify playlisting offers a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to be heard—especially if you’re an Indie artist.

The MAIN IDEA of Indie playlisting is to help you get discovered; raise your brand awareness; super-charge your exposure—all things that Indie artists really need.

In all honesty, Indie artists don’t have it easy. We’re constantly in a delicate balancing act of exploring our creativity and marketing the content we create—all without the financial backing of major labels. With so much pressure from different corners, breaking into the limelight and growing an audience is often an uphill battle.

But although Spotify playlisting is the way to go, getting on major playlists is a whole ‘nother hurdle. In the Feb 2021 “Stream On” event by Spotify, the company confirmed that over 60,000 songs are uploaded to the platform every…single…day. These mind-boggling numbers represent the competitive nature of the platform.

In other words, landing on the highly-coveted Editorial Playlists (i.e., those hand-curated by Spotify associates and staff) is next to impossible for unsigned artists or those of you who are just starting out. And this is where Spotify playlists for Indie artists come to the aid.

Playlists such as “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist” are designed to bring your music to the forefront. To the phone/computer screens of the right people. People who are likely to turn into loyal fans.

And best of all, Indie playlists are accessible and typically affordable. They give artists who yearn to share their gems of music a chance at the limelight. An opportunity to prove themselves.

Our playlisting works into Spotify’s ruthless algorithm, which typically uses a ton of engagement metrics and listening behavior to suggest songs to other listeners. It examines a song in retaliation to other tracks on the playlist and collects data for more accurate recommendations.

The Spotify ecosystem is a noisy place—but we can help you cut through the noise.

Opportunity Awaits!

If you’re an Indie artist looking to boost your brand awareness by get playlisted, your search stops here. Our Indie playlist offers an easy—yet effective—way to make your mark in the music industry.

The Current Indie Spotify Playlist” celebrates/showcases the best of Independently-released music.

All you have to do is follow the Spotify playlist and J. Scalco on the streaming platform, submit your track(s), and wait for your artistry to be revealed to a wider audience.

We are open to all genres and styles of music from all locations. Once a song is submitted, we’ll listen to it—making sure it is well-produced and of good quality before we put it in the playlist.

Please Note: We get a lot of submissions to our Indie playlists. In our quest to give everyone a chance, we do our best to cycle submissions around. This means that everyone has similar odds of featuring on “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist.” We also ‘shuffle’ the order of the songs from time to time—again, for even exposure and to make sure you get your shot because you deserve it!

Submit for playlisting. Make yourself heard. Grow your audience. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE—BUT EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

“If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment…would you capture it, or just let it slip?”


Remember: SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! And follow the playlist. The greater the audience, the higher your chances.

Playlist FAQ's

  • Do You Guarantee Placement on the Playlist?

    No. We CANNOT guarantee that your song will be added to the playlist.

    Although most submissions lead to placement, we cannot guarantee that your song will be added to “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist.” Reason? Each track has to scrutinized to ensure it meets our quality standards—plus we receive a ton of submissions.

  • Do You Provide Feedback on Unsuccessful Submissions?

    Unfortunately, we DON’T. We’d love to offer our feedback and help artists take their game up a notch, but it’s not logically possible due to time constraints and the volume of submissions we receive.

  • How Do I Improve My Odds of Being Play-listed?

    1. Make sure your tracks are well-produced. Good quality is the first consideration.
    2. Follow “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist”
    3. Follow J. Scalco

  • How Do I Get A Higher Position on The Playlist?

    There’s no trick to featuring higher on the playlist.

    The play-listing and song placement are all randomized as part of our policy/goal of giving everyone an equal chance. We try and shuffle the playlist periodically.

  • Do You Accept All Genres of Music?

    Of Course! Every genre is fair game. All Indie artists are welcomed to submit their songs for playlisting.

  • Do I Need A Specific Number of Spotify Followers or Monthly Listeners to Get Playlisted?

    Not Really! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established or new artist with a modest fanbase, anyone can submit his/her/their songs for playlisting.

  • Does A Song Need to Be A Specific Length to Be Playlisted?

    No! There is no specific length.

  • What Do I Do After Submitting a Song?

    Nothing! Our team will take care of the rest.

  • How Long Does the Song Stay Active on The Playlist?

    It depends! There are a lot of factors that determine how long a song features on “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist.”

  • Why Am I Not Seeing Any Significant Plays from The Playlist?

    “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist” is in its early stages—but recording impressive growth. The more people share, like, and follow the playlist, the faster it’ll grow. It’s a team effort.

Picture of J. Scalco

J. Scalco

J.Scalco isn't your average artist. He's a melody-slinging actor and spotlight-stealing musician. With a voice that chills and a presence that commands, J.Scalco weaves indie, pop, and rock into emotional tapestries onstage and off. From anthemic rock to whispered acoustics, his music bares a raw authenticity that lingers long after the final note. When the curtain rises, J.Scalco's characters leap off the page, captivating audiences with his nuanced and powerful performances. J.Scalco isn't just an entertainer, he's a storyteller, using his art to explore the human experience in all its messy, beautiful glory.