What is Indie Music and Where Can You Find It?

What is indie music?

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When you envision indie music, what comes to mind? It’s increasingly clear that independent musicians are gaining recognition in the music industry. However, many music enthusiasts still lack a comprehensive understanding of what indie music truly entails.

What is Indie Music

So, how do we define indie music? The term “indie” is a shortened form of “independent,” which refers to music created and performed by artists who are not signed to major record labels.

Indie music represents a spirit of artistic independence and a departure from mainstream trends. It covers a broad range of genres, including rock, pop, folk, and electronic, but what unites these diverse artists is their dedication to creative freedom and a DIY approach to their craft.

Tracing the Evolution of Indie Music

To truly appreciate indie music, it’s essential to explore its historical journey and evolution. Indie music emerged as a response to the dominance of major record labels, as artists sought to reclaim control over their creative expression.

The 1980s and 1990s witnessed the rise of influential indie bands like The Smiths, Sonic Youth, and Pixies, who challenged the established norms and paved the way for a do-it-yourself ethos. These artists encouraged independent musicians to establish their own labels, release music on their own terms, and build devoted fan bases.

The digital revolution of the internet era further revolutionized the indie music landscape. With the advent of digital platforms and social media, independent musicians gained unprecedented access to global audiences. They could now distribute their music online, connect directly with fans through social networking, and even crowdfund their projects, bypassing traditional gatekeepers.

Exploring the World of Indie Music Blogs

Delving into indie music blogs is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the vibrant indie music industry. These blogs provide in-depth insights, covering the latest trends, emerging artists, and album reviews. Additionally, many indie musicians share their creative process, tips, and advice with fellow up-and-coming artists.

Here are some noteworthy indie music blogs that deserve your attention:

  1. Under the Radar: A respected blog offering diverse coverage of indie rock, pop, folk, and electronic music. Expect interviews, reviews, and exclusive premieres that will keep you up to date with the indie music scene.
  2. Atwood Magazine: A platform dedicated to discovering hidden musical gems across various genres. With thought-provoking articles, interviews, and thoughtfully curated playlists, Atwood Magazine will surely captivate indie music enthusiasts.
  3. Jamsphere Magazine: A magazine that provides a platform for indie musicians to showcase their talents. You’ll find artist interviews, album reviews, and the latest news across different genres, giving you a comprehensive overview of the indie music landscape.

Unearthing New Indie Music

indie music

Beyond the world of blogs, online streaming services offer an abundance of opportunities to discover fresh independent music. Platforms like Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify serve as valuable resources for finding new and exciting indie artists.

Let’s take Spotify as an example. Once you fire up the app on your device, simply enter “Indie music” into the search bar. Instantly, you’ll be presented with a vast array of new music and artists that epitomize the indie genre.

Exploring the genre category on Spotify opens the door to a multitude of diverse playlists spanning different languages. Some noteworthy indie Spotify playlists worth exploring include:

  • All New Indie: Immerse yourself in the latest indie music releases from around the world, featuring established indie artists and promising newcomers.
  • Ultimate Indie: Indulge in a handpicked collection of indie anthems and cult classics that have significantly impacted the indie music scene over the years.
  • Feel-Good Indie Rock: Discover a selection of upbeat and energetic indie rock tracks that are guaranteed to uplift your spirits and get you moving.
  • Essential Indie: Delve into a compilation of essential indie tracks from various eras and subgenres, showcasing the diversity and creativity of independent artists.

Indie Music Artists of 2019

The year 2019 introduced the music industry to a wealth of talented indie artists, including some familiar names. It’s worth mentioning that many established artists, such as Lana Del Rey and Death Cab for Cutie, fall under the indie umbrella.

Here are a few standout indie songs from 2019:

  • Harmony Hall – Vampire Weekend
  • No One’s Easy to Love – Sharon Van Etten
  • The Greatest – Lana Del Rey
  • Wasted Youth – Jenny Lewis
  • Ain’t Together – King Princess

Beyond Lana Del Rey and Death Cab for Cutie, numerous other indie music artists made significant contributions in 2019.

Some noteworthy names include:

  • Vampire Weekend: With their infectious indie rock sound and clever lyrics, Vampire Weekend has remained a prominent indie music act for over a decade.
  • Arctic Monkeys: Renowned for their distinctive blend of indie rock and post-punk influences, Arctic Monkeys have garnered a devoted following worldwide.
  • MGMT: This electronic indie-pop duo has crafted an experimental and genre-bending sound, delivering hits like “Electric Feel” and “Kids.”
  • Blood Red Shoes: Known for their energetic and raw indie rock sound, Blood Red Shoes captivate audiences with their powerful performances.
  • The Twilight Sad: Hailing from Scotland, The Twilight Sad combine indie rock with shoegaze and post-punk elements, resulting in atmospheric and emotionally charged music.
  • Foals: This British indie rock band has gained recognition for their dynamic sound, intricate guitar work, and captivating live shows.

Indie Music is Ubiquitous

True music enthusiasts understand that indie music permeates every facet of the musical landscape. From one-hit wonders to chart-topping hits, you’ve likely encountered indie music at various points, perhaps without even realizing it.

If you’re eager to expand your musical horizons, be sure to explore our recent blog on online music. Discover new artists, delve into different indie subgenres, and check out indie music on some of the best spotify playlists.

Indie music offers a boundless world of creativity and expression, waiting to be explored.

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