Online Music Opens Up a World of Possibilities

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Last Updated on April 16, 2020 by J.SCALCO

Thanks to 95.7 the spot playlist and other online music, we no longer must suffer through channel surfers looking for the right tune to fit the mood. Instead, we have the luxury to use our laptops, tablets, and smartphones to take our favorite music with us on the go.

Types of Online Music

Online music is generally categorized into two items:

  • Internet radio
  • Music streaming

While the two may seem identical, they are quite different. Internet radio is loosely defined as radio stations that air online while music streaming provides specific songs and playlists made available without having to download files.

Internet Radio

Gone are the days when you had to play around with dials and antennas to get a good radio signal. Now, your biggest worry is whether you have enough data on your phone plan to run your favorite internet radio app.

Internet radio apps include the popular iHeartRadio app, TuneIn, Radioplay, SiriusXM, and AccuRadio.

95.7 the spot playlist and other Popular online music internet radio stations include:

  • 99.7 playlist

  • hot 97 playlist

  • 107.7 playlist

  • z100 playlist

  • 96.3 playlist

  • c89.5 playlist

  • 105.1 playlist

  • 94.7 playlist

  • 95.7 the spot playlist

  • power 106 playlist

  • 92.3 playlist

  • wxrt playlist

  • wxpn playlist

  • knkx playlist

  • wfuv playlist

  • kcsm playlist

  • kiis fm playlist

  • bpm playlist

  • wncw playlist

  • wers playlist

  • kmhd playlist

  • muzak playlist

  • kroq playlist

  • wqxr playlist

  • kutx playlist

Online Music Streaming Services

Music streaming services have been around for quite some time in the form of YouTube and iTunes. However, they have since grown to include massive collections of the world’s best music, some of which is curated by independent playlist creators.

Popular music streaming services include Apple Music, Google Play Music, Music – YouTube, Tidal, Spotify, and Pandora.

Popular online music playlists vary tremendously by region, but include:

Online Music – There’s Something Out There for Everyone

While musical genres used to cater to specific musical archetypes, that is no longer the case. With such a variety of music genres out there, there is bound to be a genre, subgenre or creative combination out there to suit your music tastes. Thanks to online music, finding the right tunes is no longer impossible. In fact, with some time and exploring, you’re sure to stumble across and fall in love with a playlist you’ve never even considered before.

Looking for some premade, curated playlists to suit your mood? Then why not take a moment to check out one of my most recent posts on top Spotify playlists? In this post, I cover a variety of different Spotify playlists, so there is sure to be something that suits your musical needs.

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