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Ready to use Playlist Push? But wait!

What comes to mind when we mention movie streaming services? Netflix, right?

The same goes for Uber and ride-hailing services.

Or in our case, Spotify and music streaming services. The green and black/white logo is nearly synonymous with online music streaming around the world.

Sure, there are other worthy competitors such as Pandora, Deezer, and the increasingly aggressive Apple Music—but none of them really match up to Spotify.

In fact, recent investor statistics show that the Sweden-based company has over 286 million monthly active users.

Even more impressive, 130 million of these users were premium subscribers.

This makes Spotify the largest music streaming platform by number of users/subscribers.

What does this mean for artists looking to curate and monetize their talents?

Spotify Music Promotion – A Bitter and Sweet Story

With Spotify and other music streaming services dominating the music landscape, revenue from selling vinyl and CDs has taken a nosedive.

Attention has shifted to music promotion and earning from streaming services.

While earning from the number of streams has empowered independent artists more than ever before, there’s a dark side to this framework.

Here’s the thing; Spotify promotion pays a meager $0.0035 per stream. This doesn’t look like much, right? Well, it’s not!

But if you somehow feature on a hot playlist, this could translate into millions of streams every month—and as you can already tell, it quickly adds up.

Simply put, an artists’ discovery and earnings on Spotify are hinged on appearing in an official playlist.

Wondering why we’re still burbling about Spotify playlists when the article is supposed to review Playlist push? Hold your horses, we’re getting to that—and you’ll soon realize where Spotify comes into play.

It’s not a secret that unless you’re an established artist or you have some serious buzz going around, it’s unlikely that your song will get added to official playlists.

Your best chance lies in getting your new songs on user-generated playlists (i.e., playlists by playlist curators)—and hopefully, trigger Spotify’s algorithm when you rack up enough streams.

When the data is in your favor, you could end up in an official hot playlist. Hold up, Wait a minute!

How do you even get curators to promote your music and add your song to their playlists on Spotify? This is where Playlist Push Review comes into play.

What is Playlist Push—and How Does it Work?


As people realized the power of streams and user-generated playlists, third-party players popped up offering an avenue to put artists on the map.

Playlist Push simply helps independent artists get their songs on user-generated playlists.

In a nutshell, the promotion company pitches your songs to Spotify playlist curators with the hope that you’ll get placement and playlist adds – hence improving your chances of appearing in an official playlist.

In turn, the curators get to monetize their playlists by reviewing the songs. To understand exactly how Playlist Push works, let’s look at it from two perspectives.

  • Playlist Push for Artists

playlist push for artistsMusicians apply for a marketing promo campaign to promote their singles or albums.

The service asks you to provide your music, hometown, genre, and applicable social links.

The price of each campaign is determined by several factors mainly revolving around your genre(s).

Playlist Push then pitches your songs for reviews by verified curators who listen, rate, and provide feedback (or not, they’re really not obliged to do anything).

The company then sends you frequent emails with detailed reports on how your songs performed on Spotify.

This includes data on the popularity of your songs, the number of plays, new followers, and monthly listeners, to name a few.

PS: Playlist Push does not promote artists signed to a record label. Their focus is on independent artists looking to get on the map.

  • Playlist Push for Curators

playlistpush for curatorsThe other half of Playlist Push’s business model includes a network of over 970 curators.

If you’re not familiar with playlist curators, they are individuals who review songs and manage playlist placements on streaming services such as Spotify.

Playlist Push offers an avenue for these ‘experts’ to earn from their reviews. And if they like a song, they can add it to one of their playlists.

If you’re planning to apply as a curator, keep in mind that it’s not a straightforward process.

There are a few conditions that you must meet, including owning a playlist (on either Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music) with more than 400 real followers.

Is a Playlist Push Campaign Worth it?


  • Respectable Reach: Is Playlist push legit? If the information on their site is anything to go by, as of 2023 running a campaign with Playlist Push gives you access to more than 23 million listeners. Plus, it saves artists from the hassle of getting curators to listen to their music.
  • Informative Feedback: Playlist Push sends detailed reports of your campaign, which gives you a good idea of active listeners and where you stand.
  • Efforts to Weed Out Fake Accounts: When it comes to bots or any other suspicious activity, Spotify is often quick to crack the whip. For this reason, PlaylistPush monitors all curators’ accounts for any questionable activity to ensure only individuals with real and active accounts are in their network.


  • Too Reliant on the Spotify ecosystem: In all honesty, there’s more to a music career than Spotify. Sure, it’s an important platform that could catapult you to the success you crave—but you need to look at the bigger picture. Get out there and hustle and diversify your reach!
  • Costly: With prices ranging from $250 to highs of over $1,000 (an average cost of $450) per campaign, the pricing is more on the higher side – especially for new musicians looking to get a foothold in the industry and start playlisting. This raises concerns regarding the value of money. Will the number of new streams from the campaign cover the costs incurred to pitch your songs?
  • Operates in a Grey Area: Spotify has in the past mentioned that it’s against the idea of paying a playlist curator or selling playlists. Although Playlist Push claims to legally operate within Spotify’s terms of service, there are questions to be asked regarding the future of PlaylistPush.


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