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Looking for Spotify Promotion? Of course, you are! Few sane artists would pass the chance to increase their exposure on the music streaming platform—and for good reason.

Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has grown at warp speed—cementing its place as the go-to source of music content for listeners around the world. As of the close of 2020, the streaming platform reported a user base of over 345 million monthly active listeners. This means that is commands over 34% of the global market share—eclipsing the likes of Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tencent Music, etc.

As a burgeoning artist looking for opportunities, a fan base, recognition, or fame the drool-worthy appeal of Spotify is clear as day. Industry reports tell a narrative of artists who’ve catapulted themselves into stardom through Spotify playlists. So why not you?

Spotify could be a game-changer for your career—but only if you leverage the best practices and Spotify promotion services. The music streaming landscape is murkier than it looks at first glance, which is why this article aims to help you navigate it.

Read on for more on how to promote your music on Spotify, including pitching to curators, making the most of social media, building your followers, working with the best Spotify promotion services, and leveraging Spotify Ads.

Best Spotify Promotion Services

You generally have two options to promote music on Spotify. You can either be a lone wolf and traverse the landscape using your researched knowledge. Or you can work with a music promotion company or service. The choice depends on how much time you have, the effort you’re willing to put in, and the depth of your wallet.

In the case of Spotify promotion services, they rely on their experiential skills and knowledge to help you shoot your music up to the height of popular Spotify playlists. These services typically invest heavily in real-time analytics to understand how Spotify ticks—and how the insight can be applied to boost your exposure.

However, the industry is saturated with all kinds of Spotify promotion tools and companies—all claiming to better than the next. This can be overwhelming, especially when you want to get the most bang for your buck. To ease your load, I’ve done some in-depth research to uncover the top Spotify promotion services to get you started.

  1. Playlist Push

playlist push spotify promotionPlaylist Push a popular music promotion service that seems to be a fan-favorite for a number of reasons. The company boldly claims to have a reach of 23 million listeners, an army of around 1,000 Spotify curators, and over 5,000 successful Spotify promotion campaigns under their belt.

While we typically take the claims of any company with a grain of salt, the hundreds of positive reviews on sites such as Trust Pilot seem to support them. According to one ecstatic user, “These guys activated my Spotify Algorithm! Don’t believe me watch my video on Omari MC vs Playlist Push on YouTube. Yes, it is a little expensive, but it works!”

Playlist Push primarily focuses on getting your music on playlists. This is possible via a targeted campaign—whereby your songs are sent to curators with the highest likelihood of ‘digging’ your music. Their clients typically include independent artists and those under labels such as Atlantic Records and Def Jam.

The only drawback to the service is that you may have to shell out approximately $450 for a Spotify campaign. For more on Playlist Push, check out this in-depth review of the Spotify promotion service.

  1. Omari MC

omariWho is Omari MC? Are they any good? And what makes it one of the best Spotify promotion services? All these questions can be answered in their tagline, “No-nonsense music promotion!”

The service is widely respected for its dedication to delivering results for both global artists and newer acts. And unlike most music promotion services and tools in the industry, Omari MC are all organic. Spotify promotion is done via playlist placements—while steering clear of fake plays, bots, and other shortcuts.

Omari MC leverage their years of experience, in-depth analytics, and marketing connections in the industry to promote your content—while improving your ROI. They proudly brandish their “Top Google Ranked Music Promotion Agency” achievement as a testament to their quality of service. In other words, their track record simply speaks for itself.

There are 6 Spotify promotion pricing tiers—including Bronze ($77), Silver ($147), Gold ($357), Emerald ($1,297), and Diamond ($1,797). They are clearly not the cheapest, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

Please note the Omari MC has a strict policy against explicit content.

  1. Burstimo

burstimoIf you want a Spotify promotion service with an out-of-the-box approach to marketing, Burstimo got you covered. They base their music marketing strategies on two things; data and creativity. They are obsessed with getting results—and that’s exactly what a budding artist wants to hear.

Burstimo is the epitome of a modern music PR company. Their eyes are set to the future of the industry—where databases and algorithms reign supreme. The team boasts of professionals with tons of music, social media, and digital marketing knowledge at their disposal.

When it comes to Spotify promotion, their campaign is based on playlist placement. But not random, empty playlist placement. Everything is tailored to your genre, target audience, and the Spotify algorithm.

In an industry marred by sketchy services and bots, Burstimo goes out of its way to make good of its promises, which is a valuable trait and a reason to give them a try.

  1. PitchPlaylist

pitch playlistAs one of the top Spotify promotion services, PitchPlaylist has hundreds of high-value playlists in their network—giving them (and you by extension) access to millions of possible streams. Similar to Omar MC, PitchPlaylist is big on organic growth. They operate on a 5-step Spotify promotion process to help you grow authentically.

Online reviewers also seem to be fond of the service. According to Andrew D on, “My team and I utilized PitchPlaylist to help jumpstart one of the bands we manage. Our results were more than what we expected. Also, if there was any issue or question it is easy to get in contact with David. He is extremely helpful. I recommend PitchPlaylist to anyone looking to boost their streams on Spotify.”

There are 3 pricing tiers with different offerings revolving around the potential number of organic streams. Tier 1 ($375), Tier 2 ($725), and Tier ($1,375). For independent artists who are just starting out, Pitch Playlist may be a tad too expensive. But considering the opportunity of exposure at stake, this is a decision you’ll have to weigh carefully.

  1. You Grow

you growWhy You Grow? The more appropriate question is why not You Grow? The brand name has a nice ring to it, they’re hinged on organic growth for long-term benefits, they guarantee real listeners, and they offer tailored curation.

The Netherlands-based Spotify and YouTube promotion company is a solid choice for artists in search of reliable and dedicated service. It’s one of those things that speak for themselves through results.

You Grow stands out from the flock courtesy of its surprisingly low prices and quality of service. There are 5 pricing plans—including Starter ($67), Bronze ($117), Silver ($207), Gold ($387), and Platinum ($687). How do they pull this off, you ask? They get down and dirty without outsourcing to cheaper, lower-quality services. And by snuffing the middle person, they’re able to transfer the cost-savings to you.

  1. Ditto

ditto spotify promoReady to take your career to the next level? Grow your fanbase as you’ve always dreamed? Or even land some press coverage? If so, why not work with a music promotion service that has a shiny reputation for professionalism and delivering on its promises?

You may know Ditto as a music distribution company—but there’s more to the reputable company than meets the eye. They offer an “Ultimate Promo Package” to help boost your online presence and industry exposure.

For £399 ($550), you gain access to a 2-week PR campaign, a tailored campaign plan, a professional Ad campaign, custom social graphics, online features, a contact database, and in-depth analytics to name a few. Judging by the fact that Ditto is a major player that has worked on hundreds of campaigns, you’re assured of fine-tuned experience. And unlike most competitors, Ditto actually makes effort in knowing you and developing a tailored brand before launching the marketing campaign.

  1. SoundPlate

soundplateIf you’re on a tight budget but you’re itching to get your sic beats and melodious tunes out there, you need an affordable Spotify promotion service. And in the realm of ‘affordable’ music marketing services, SoundPlate is the OG. Their music promotion service will set you back a clean $0 – i.e., it’s FREE!

If you’re wondering “what’s the catch?”, SoundPlate is a DIY service. The responsibility of submitting songs to Spotify playlist curators is on your shoulders. But at least SoundPlate offers updated playlists that are open for submission. The platform also allows you to create smart links, create artwork, and even a music visualizer video.

To be honest, the services offered by SoundPlate are rather basic. But considering they’re free, the company earns a spot in this list of the best Spotify promotion services.

  1. Media Mister

media misterNow here’s a Spotify promotion service that falls in a grey area. Media Mister claims to sell you 100% real followers and plays. The idea is to kickstart and hopefully accelerate your presence on Spotify. How is this possible? According to Media Mister, they have expansive private networks of real users (verified accounts) to help catapult your profile.

If you cringed your eyebrow at the prospect of buying Spotify followers and plays, maybe the fact that they offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee (30 days for refunds) will give you some peace of mind.

PS: Always do you own research with services that fall in a grey area.

  1. AMW Group

amw groupAMW Group is a veteran in the music and entertainment industry. The company brings over 2 decades of experience to the table in an attempt to help elevate your music and take your career to the next level. They have a foot in everything from social media management, music PR campaigns, Billboard Ads, playlist promotion, and digital marketing.

For Spotify promotion, they listen to your work and pair you with suitable curators to increase your chances of placement. This is all done professionally by a talented team hell-bent on broadening your reach.

There are 3 Spotify playlist campaigns—including Basic ($250), Standard ($499), and Premium ($1,200). Whichever you choose, you’re assured of top-level service. To quote one user on their Trustpilot page, “AMW’s Premium Playlist Services, A+: AMW’s Premium Playlist services have been an incredibly valuable adjunct to our artists’ growth on Spotify. In turn, we are seeing metrics grow across multiple platforms. Highly recommended.”

  1. Boost Collective

boost collectiveWhat I like about Boost Collective is the personal approach of its founders and the focus on fostering meaningful relationships. As a customer or client, you typically want a service provider who shows at least a semblance of care for your progress—and this what Boost Collective offers.

The Spotify promotion service allows you to pick the number of placements you want. In light of transparency, you can also browse through the available playlists before making your submission to ensure you land the right fit.

Spotify Promotion Tips – Grow Naturally

If you have faith in your marketing skills or your wallet doesn’t allow you to buy Spotify promotion services, you can still get the recognition you crave, DIY style. Here are a few ways to get play-listed on Spotify:

  • Don’t Skimp on the Profile: How do you expect playlist curators to place your music when your profile barely shows who you are? Adding social media links, a detailed bio, and tour dates makes you appear more legitimate.
  • Crank up Your Spotify Following: This is rather simple and straightforward. More followers equal a higher chance of getting in front of Spotify curators.
  • Pitch to Spotify for Artists: If you’ve not already done so, sign up to Spotify for artists ASAP. It allows you to directly submit music for playlisting. But take note of the rules and conditions for pitching to Spotify curators.
  • Pitch to Independent Curators: Find popular independent curators that are likely to dig your sound and reach out to them for potential placement in their playlists. It’s much like cold-calling.
  • Pull in External Traffic: Make the most of your followers on different social media platforms by sharing Spotify links. The act of bringing in listeners to Spotify puts you on the good side of Spotify’s algorithm.
  • Hop onto the “Release Radar” playlist: The “Release Radar” playlist is created by Spotify’s algorithm rather than curators – i.e., if anyone follows you, your songs will pop up on their playlists. Also, consider the “discover Weekly” playlist.

With those few tips and reviews, you should be well-armed to approach Spotify promotion with greater conviction and improved chances of success.

However, keep in mind that this is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ path. It may demand prudence and a certain level of patience. Use the tips and services discussed below as a way to supplement other music promotion and marketing initiatives.

“The best things in life don’t come easy, but those things are the ones worth the sacrifice.”

—Adriana Locke

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