The Current Indie Spotify Playlist

the current playlist

Care to grow your Spotify fanbase? Your music success starts right here; right now! “The Current Indie Spotify Playlist” is tailor-made for Indie artists looking to be heard. Think of it as a community of ambitious talents working collectively to realize their dreams. Before you can submit music for this playlist you will need to … Read more

Playlist Push in a Nutshell – The Unbiased Review

playlist push

Playlist Push. But wait! What comes to mind when we mention movie streaming services? Netflix, right? The same goes for Uber and ride-hailing services. Or in our case, Spotify and music streaming services. The green and black/white logo is nearly synonymous with online music streaming around the world. Sure, there are other worthy competitors such as … Read more

iTunes Top 100 Charts – The Latest List

iTunes top songs

Simply put, music is everything! It is this ever-evolving art form that is now—more than ever—propelled by technology. There is a platform for everyone, with more and more great artists submitting their work for the world to hear from wherever in the world, both upcoming and established. There is no shortage of options when it … Read more

Online Music Opens Up a World of Possibilities

online music

Thanks to 95.7 the spot playlist and other online music, we no longer must suffer through channel surfers looking for the right tune to fit the mood. Instead, we have the luxury to use our laptops, tablets, and smartphones to take our favorite music with us on the go. Types of Online Music Online music is … Read more

Spotify Playlist Curators (That Have Listeners) You Can Submit to For Free

spotify playlist curators

Submit your latest track to a few Spotify Playlist Curators. Are you a new budding artist looking for ways to get your music heard by the masses? This is no easy feat, especially with so many artists out there trying to do the exact same thing. While creating your own SoundCloud pages and social media … Read more

Best Spotify Playlists for Any Mood

Spotify Playlists

What are the Best Spotify Playlists? Music is everywhere, and with playlists all over the place and tons of Spotify Playlists, it can be a little overwhelming to those who are new to the idea of creating or finding a playlist. It used to be that having an iTunes playlist or apple music playlist was … Read more