10 Catchy Pop Songs You Will Listen To and Love

Catchy Pop Songs

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Pop Songs

When you think of great pop songs, depending on your generation, you might think of Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Bruno Mars, Jonas Brothers, Arianna Grande, and many others who keep the ‘tween’ crowd attached to their headphones.

Every generation has a couple of good songs and top hits that just stick in your head on a loop. No matter how old you get, when you hear those jams, it takes you back to your youth.

Nothing is more popular than the hottest pop songs coming from talented artists.

They make the type of songs that you rock out to in your car and have you dancing at the club on a Saturday night. It could be one of the saddest songs, a feel good song or any style song. Creating great pop records is about making good music and catchy songs you and your friends love and blast from the radio, day or night.

Here are a number of tracks, which you will love. Check out our list of pop hits you must listen to this month.

10 Top Pop Songs

If you are looking for a good summer anthem, any of these brand new songs will have you singing your heart out. Prepare to celebrate the warmer months with some fresh hits from popular artists who are making waves on the airways.

1.   Camille Trust: “Lavender Tells It Like It Is”

Camille Trust’s sultry voice hits you like the sweetest Adele track. Her storytelling is simple yet vivid and you can easily get trapped in the world of her mind.

Lavender”will steal your heart with this contender for the best music out there today.

It fits in your pocket as the best pick for your breakup song with lyrics like, “But only God knows where he is. It’s like his phone just doesn’t exist and you know he won’t call you back.”

This musician will have you soaking in a warm bath thinking about the one you loved and lost before you count to 20.


2.   Beyoncé: “Let Go”

Get happy with Beyoncé’s Homecoming hit, “Before I Let Go.”

The BeeHive is abuzz with this trendy pop song. Lady B knows how to slay and this one sure does that perfectly.

We know you might jump head first into the full “Homecoming: Live Album.” However, don’t forget to get caught up in the rapture of this diva’s sultry summer anthem and just let go.

If you missed Coachella, this is for sure the album to listen to.


3.   Lizzo: “Soulmate”

If you are looking for a revenge song, then Lizzo has you covered.

The ‘Soulmate’ track starts out raw, like a terrorizing tiger climbing her way out of the trenches. Then Lizzo belts out from the heart, about the only one who is going to hold her down.

She is her own soul mate─talk about self-love.

It is a hard rocking anthem, which will have you singing ‘she da one’ all day long. Feel free to wind down your windows, ladies, as you cruise down the avenue, chanting “Yeah I’m in love.”


4.   Lolo Zouai: “Out the Bottle”

Vocal gymnastics on a razor edge is the new normal for Lolo Zouai.

She has the swag of a diva in the making and her music doesn’t quite fit in any genre─ her new pop songs are so ahead of her time.

It does not hurt that her Christina Aguilera-like-features will woo you on any day of the week. However, it’s her sultry vocals that will sink its hooks into you. This genie is definitely “Out the Bottle”and she will get you in the mood to jam.

Look out parents─you just might have some moody tweens on your hands this summer.

Be sure to check out the rest of her album, “High Highs to Low Lows.”


5.   J. Scalco: “Under Control”

Under Control with J.Scalco.

The relatable release talks about a couple that “traded blows” right before the quarantine—only to realize that such tussles are minuscule against a global pandemic. They realize the value of having each other. The pandemic helps them realize that life is too uncertain to squander moments with the people who matter most.

This raw and gritty tune sinks in your gut and tugs on your emotions.


6.   The Vamps: “Waves”

Britain strikes back.

The Vamps represents boy bands this summer. They have a cool and fresh track called “Waves.” You will only have yourself to blame if you miss out on this popular song from across the pond.

Don’t let the cold in your bones get to you. Rock out on a “Wave’” from The Vamps this summer.

It is a natural, feel-good track, which is a great pick from their “Missing You” EP.

Don’t let us down.


7.   Black Pink: “Ddu-du ddu-du”

Talk about K-Pop with attitude.

Even though you might not speak a word of Korean, that should not stop you from rocking out to the dominating vocals of Black Pink. They have moves, style, vocals, and attitude.

These four ladies are pop sugar gold and the 750,000,000 YouTube views say it all. It is over─ Gangnam Style part two is here.

Prepare for the Spice Girls like fever, America and listen to Ddu-du ddu-du.


8.   Jonas Brothers: “Cool”

Don’t we all wish we could be like the Jonas Brothers?

Especially if people simply throw us the keys and say “take the Ferrari home”─ we are all in.

The band’s accompanying music video is one for the history books and hall of fame. It is all kinds of funny.

“Cool” is the perfect summer pop song. With Beach Boy swag, James Dean style, and Nick Jonas svelte falsetto this song will have everyone swooning all summer long.

Be careful, you might catch yourself whistling down the street chiming “I’m cool.”


9.   Billie Eilish: “Bad Guy”

Funnyman Mr. Bean would definitely rock out to this twisty, poppy song from Billie Eilish.

We get it. The music scene is flooded with talented artist and you have to be willing to grab people’s attention. Well, ‘Bad Guy’ sure has the listener’s attention. If you are into horror flicks, this will be right up your alley.


10. J. Scalco: “It’s All About You”

Do you feel like it’s all about someone else in a relationship? Then sing along with J.Scalco, because he knows exactly how you feel.

His latest track “It’s All About You” sums up how one-sided a relationship can be.

Sooner or later, that person will get the message, as you chant “time for this to end because it’s all about you … it’s all about you, you, you.”


Add These Catchy Pop Songs To Your Playlist

There are lots of great songs to choose from this summer─ no matter your preferred genre. However, we recommend that you download these pop songs and add them to your playlist immediately.

You won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a favorite pop song for this summer? Share in the comments and tune in next time for more of best songs to listen to. For more top hits and music information, follow J. Scalco today.

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