Busking Definition and Meaning : A Guide to Street Performance


What is Busking Definition? Busking is the act of performing music, singing, dancing, or other entertainment in public spaces for tips and donations. Buskers typically perform outdoors in high foot-traffic areas like streets, parks, festivals, subways, and sidewalks. The term “busking” comes from the Spanish word “buscar,” meaning “to seek.” A Brief History of Street … Read more

Who is Russ the Rapper?

russ rapper

Russ the rapper – “DIY Pioneer” With a Blueprint for Indie Success Sign to a major record label, rise to global stardom, sell out arenas, and live a flamboyant lifestyle—this has long been the stereotype of a successful music career. But take a look at modern reality, and you’ll realize that there is another path; one … Read more

What is Indie Music and Where Can You Find It?

What is indie music?

When you envision indie music, what comes to mind? It’s increasingly clear that independent musicians are gaining recognition in the music industry. However, many music enthusiasts still lack a comprehensive understanding of what indie music truly entails. What is Indie Music So, how do we define indie music? The term “indie” is a shortened form … Read more