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guitar center used gear

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Guitar Center Used Gear

Guitar Center Used Gear is a great way to shop an extensive selection at discounted prices across its stores.

From guitars and amps to drums, recording equipment, DJ gear, and more, Guitar Center is a top destination for indie musicians looking to save money on quality used equipment.

Benefits of Buying Used Gear from Guitar Center

There are several key benefits to purchasing used musical equipment from Guitar Center:

  • Huge selection – With a massive inventory that is continually refreshed, you can find deals on top brands of used gear.
  • Discount prices – Used gear is discounted significantly from original retail prices, so you save money.
  • Tested & insured – All used items are tested, graded based on condition, covered by warranty.
  • Flexible return policy – If you are unsatisfied, you can return used gear for a refund within 45 days.
  • Available financing – Guitar Center offers financing plans to help fund major used gear purchases.

How to Shop Guitar Center’s Used Inventory

You have a few options when browsing and buying Guitar Center used gear:

  • In-store – Visit your local Guitar Center and browse an ever-changing assortment of discounted used gear.
  • Online – Use to conveniently search and buy an enormous online used gear catalog.
  • Gear Hunter mobile app – Download the app to search local store inventories and track down hard-to-find used items.

The selection is updated frequently, so check back often as new discounted used inventory comes in stock.

If you are looking for something specific, ask store associates to keep an eye out or set alerts on the website and mobile app.

Used Guitars

The used guitar selection at Guitar Center presents excellent opportunities for big savings.

Models and brands carried span beginner guitars to professional instruments from leading manufacturers like Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, PRS, Ibanez, Epiphone and more.

guitar center used guitars

Types of Used Guitars Available

You’ll discover virtually every type of used guitar at GC stores and online:

  • Electric guitars – Find legendary solid body electrics, hollow/semi-hollow models, and signature artist guitars.
  • Acoustic guitars – Shop top brands of affordable acoustic guitars and high-end models.
  • Bass guitars – Choose from 4, 5, and 6-string electric basses from Fender, Gibson, and other top brands.
  • Classical & nylon-string – Find excellent starter classical guitars and used classical/flamenco guitars.

The selection includes suitable used guitars for all player levels and budgets – beginner guitars, intermediate models, left-handed options, premium collectible instruments, and more.

Buying Considerations for Used Guitars

When evaluating and play testing Guitar Center used gear, pay attention to:

  • Condition rating – Check descriptions/grades of cosmetic condition, playability, electronics.
  • Hardware functionality – Test knobs, switches, tuning keys, jacks, and electronics.
  • Neck and body condition – Look for major signs of wear and damage beyond normal player’s wear.
  • Sound and playability – Make sure good notes are produced up and down the neck with no major buzzing.

Consider anticipated repairs or upgrades needed.

Remember, binding cracks or finish checking on older models adds vintage appeal. Variances in wood grain and minor wear often enhances tone and feel.

Common Questions About Used Guitars at Guitar Center

How are used guitars priced?
Pricing depends on original cost, brand, current demand, condition grade, age, repairs needed, included accessories, and local market. Inspect gear thoroughly and negotiate if you feel the price is not aligned with value.

Can used guitars be returned?
Yes, you can return or exchange used guitars at GC retail locations within 45 days, given they are still in original purchased condition.

Are there used guitar financing options?
Yes, Guitar Center offers flexible financing plans from Affirm and Musician’s Friend Credit Card through Synchrony to fund large used guitar purchases in fixed monthly payments. Pre-qualification is quick and easy.

So if you are seeking big savings on amazing used guitars, shop Guitar Center’s unrivaled selection in local stores or online 24/7.

Used Guitar Amps

In addition to a vast range of discounted used electric guitars, Guitar Center supplies endless used guitar amp options covering tube, solid-state, modeling, acoustic, bass, and other amplifiers from leading brands.

Buy used Guitar Amps and Effects

guitar center used amplifiers

Key Types of Used Guitar Amps

Standout used guitar amp offerings at Guitar Center comprise:

  • Tube amp heads and combos – Score deals on used Fender, Vox, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, and other top tube amps.
  • Solid-state amps – Choose from used modeling/digital amps or basic practice solid-state amps at affordable prices.
  • Bass amps – Shop the latest used bass combos, cabs, and heads from Ampeg, Fender, Gallien-Krueger, and more.
  • Acoustic instrument amps – Find great deals on used acoustic guitar, violin, keyboard amps from Fishman, Yamaha, Roland, and other leading acoustic amp makers.

What to Look for When Buying Used Guitar Amps

Important considerations when evaluating and play testing used guitar amp inventory for sale at Guitar Center include:

  • Physical condition – Check for signs of drops, spills, damage, missing knobs, broken handles, etc.
  • Cabinet functionality – Test input/output jacks, tubes, tank reverb, and speakers.
  • Sounds and settings – Turn knobs to check full range of tones. Listen closely for unwanted noise or distortion.
  • Age and repairs needed – Evaluate upgrades needed like new tubes, speakers, feet, handles, grill cloth, etc.

Factor in any upgrades or repairs needed into buy-or-pass decision-making process. Consider that vintage patina adds mojo and stories to tell for some players.

Key Used Amp Shopping Questions

How often does Guitar Center get new used amp inventory?
Used amp trade-ins and buys happen daily, so used guitar amp selection updates frequently as fresh deals enter the available stock pool in-store and online.

Can you negotiate used amp pricing?
Yes, prices are somewhat flexible depending on condition, local demand, age, completeness, and room for profit, so you can attempt to negotiate used amp pricing with store associates, especially for premium high-end amplifiers.

What is Guitar Center’s used gear return policy?
You can return or exchange used guitar amps at Guitar Center locations up to 45 days after purchase, as long as gear remains in original purchased form.

So explore unbelievable used guitar amp deals at GC stores near you and online 24/7 to save huge on world-class guitar amplification.

Recording Gear, Keyboards & Electronics

Beyond guitars and amps, Guitar Center supplies deep discounts on an awesome range of additional used musical equipment.

Expect to discover amazing deals on used recording gear, keyboards, pro audio equipment, lighting rigs, DJ gear, and electronics.

guitar center used recording gear

Top Types of Used Music Gear

Beyond guitars and amps, top offerings in the Guitar Center used gear lineup include:

  • Recording equipment – Shop used audio interfaces, monitors, microphones, DAWs, outboard gear, and recording accessories.
  • Keyboards – Find major price cuts on used stage pianos, synths, workstations, MIDI controllers, and keyboard amps from leading brands.
  • Live sound – Choose from a huge selection of used PA speakers, mixers, processors, mics, and lighting systems.
  • DJ gear – Discover lightly used DJ controllers, turntables, mixers, speakers, lighting rigs, and associated accessories.
  • Electronics – Access deals on used guitar effects pedals, racks, tuners, cables, stands, and more.

Questions to Ask About Used Music Electronics

When considering a major used gear purchase like a synth, recorder, or mixing board, ask associates:

  • Why was the item traded in?
  • Does everything power on and function properly?
  • What signs of wear or age-related issues should I look out for?
  • What is the condition grading based on (1-10 scale)?

Factor in potential accessories, repairs, or upgrades needed and negotiate the price accordingly.

Remember flawless condition is rare for heavily used music electronics – some character can enhance vintage vibe.

Financing Large Used Gear Purchases

If you need assistance paying for high-ticket recording consoles, grand pianos, pipe organs, or other expensive used music gear, Guitar Center used gear division facilitates access to financing offers to fund purchases over longer periods.

Quick online pre-qualification for Guitar Center credit cards and payment plans helps ease the stress.

Selling Used Gear to Guitar Center

In addition to buying used musical equipment, Guitar Center also welcomes used gear trade-ins from customers and will make you a cash offer or in-store credit depending on item condition, demand, and resale value.

What Used Gear Will Guitar Center Buy?

Guitar Center buys all types of gently used musical instruments and gear including:

  • Electric, acoustic, bass, and other guitars
  • Amps, cabinets, pedals, racks and guitar accessories
  • Pro audio gear: mixers, speakers, mics, recorders etc.
  • Recording equipment: interfaces, software, monitors etc.
  • Keyboards and MIDI controllers
  • DJ gear: turntables, CDJs, speakers, lights etc.
  • Band and orchestra instruments
  • Music accessories: cables, stands etc.

Stores specialize most in used guitars, guitar/bass amps, recording gear, keyboards and drum kits which see high local demand from customers seeking deals. Rare vintage instruments also draw interest.

What to Expect When Selling Used Gear

The used gear buying process at Guitar Center typically involves:

  • Inspection – Condition, playability and functions are tested
  • Valuation – Cash/credit offer will be presented
  • Negotiation – You can attempt to negotiate the offer price
  • Acceptance – Complete paperwork to finalize cash/credit payment

Getting multiple trade-in quotes helps ensure you receive the best possible value.

Remember to factory reset digital gear to protect personal data and functions. Consider sales tax implications if accepting in-store credit.

So clean out your closets and crawlspaces and turn unused instruments and music equipment collecting dust into usable cash or credit at GC through the convenient trade-in program.

Sell Your Gear to Guitar Center

Ready to Buy Guitar Center Used Gear?

For unbelievable deals on used musical equipment across all instrument types, skill levels, and budgets, shop Guitar Center’s frequently updated used gear inventory in local stores and online.

The unrivaled selection promises incredible discounts on top-tier brands if you move fast when coveted instruments appear.

With flexible return policies, warranty coverage, and finance plans available, Guitar Center Used Gear removes purchase barriers for musicians pursuing their artistic visions on high-caliber used gear they can actually afford.

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