Playlist Push in a Nutshell – The Unbiased Review

playlist push

Playlist Push. But wait! What comes to mind when we mention movie streaming services? Netflix, right? The same goes for Uber and ride-hailing services. Or in our case, Spotify and music streaming services. The green and black/white logo is nearly synonymous with online music streaming around the world. Sure, there are other worthy competitors such as … Read more

Who is Marshmello? – The Great Mystery Solved (Kind Of)

who is marshmello

Few DJs (if any) have catapulted to the top of global charts in such an enigmatic manner as Marshmello. Since debuting in 2015, this top edm artist, DJ and producer has enjoyed an unprecedented growth in earnings and popularity – eclipsing his peers in the industry. Marshmello’s unique approach and music with vocals, a slower … Read more

“Damn Son Where’d You Find This” – A Sick Drop Turned Meme

damn son where did you find this meme

You’ve heard it in countless trap songs, you’ve seen the hilarious memes – “damn son where did you find this” is arguably one of the most iconic and cliché mixtape drops in the trap music industry. The sample was widely used by legendary artists including OJ da Juiceman and Gucci Mane in their popular Trap-a-holics mixtapes … Read more

Music Distribution Companies Compared

Music Distribution Companies

Looking to get your music out there and permeate every corner in the world? In our current technological age, this means gaining access to download platforms and major streaming services. Music distribution companies that feed popular music streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple music have replaced record label monopolies – and it’s easy … Read more

What is KPop Music?

what is k-pop ?

There’s a storm gathering momentum in the Far East – and it’s gradually taking over the globe quite unlike anything else. Are you a K-pop fan? Or the guy who’s been hearing BTS and other popular K-pop groups everywhere you turn?  Regardless, there’s no denying that KPop is currently experiencing unprecedented global recognition. Some might … Read more

Top / Best EDM Artists

Top Edm Artists

Who are the Top / Best EDM Artists? Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a music genre that has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity over the last few decades – and deservedly so. The catchy rhythms, enchanting melodies, and complimenting sound additions seem to make even the most rigid individuals bob their heads and tap … Read more

iTunes Top 100 Charts – The Latest List

iTunes top songs

Simply put, music is everything! It is this ever-evolving art form that is now—more than ever—propelled by technology. There is a platform for everyone, with more and more great artists submitting their work for the world to hear from wherever in the world, both upcoming and established. There is no shortage of options when it … Read more

What is Indie Music and Where Can You Find It?

What is indie music?

When you think of indie music, what do you picture? More and more, the music industry is noticing those that identify as indie musicians. However, not all music fans understand what indie music is. Once upon a time, people miss-took indie music as folk music. Sure, while some indie musicians dabble in folk music, that’s … Read more

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